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Architectural 3D Modeling helps to catch errors in initial designs to marketing the final product. It also helps improve your projects' quality. With 3D visualization of architectural spaces can communicate will with the customers – inside the construction company (teams other than designs) as well as outside the company (fabricators and buyers). Read on...
BIM helps construction companies gain financial benefits, increase project efficiency, prevent on-site incidents, and increase safety. BIM provides better insight for construction managers and all other stakeholders who are involved in the project. Read this article to explore the numerous ways in which BIM can be used on construction sites.
BIM Execution Plan helps everyone working on the construction project to manage their responsibilities and expectations through effective communication. It also encourages and streamlines instant communication across stages of the construction project. Here you will find the 5 reasons why you need BIM execution plans for your next construction project.
Architectural 3D modeling and rendering enable the architects and other stakeholders to have a primary view of design and therefore, they can decide upon the changes required in the very initial stages. This saves a lot one time and other resources as it reduces the possibility of any technical or aesthetic deficiencies in the very beginning; thus, the outcome is a replica of your imagination.
A conceptual design becomes a reality when it takes shape on paper through the use of architectural drafting services. An architectural drawing is the graphical representation of the conceptual design.
At Hitech BIM Services we deliver architectural drafting services that are dimensionally accurate focusing on design details and quality output. Read more...
4D BIM modeling connects building designs and construction sequence planning with the next level of opportunity to connect seamlessly. 4D BIM gives liberty to the users to communicate with the site inspectors, project stakeholders, visit the site virtually and generate an interactive timeline with visuals of how the work progresses. Read more on.
Scan to BIM is the process, which uses 3D laser scanning technology to capture the as-built environment. The resulting Survey data called Point cloud is imported into Autodesk Revit. Rather than simply remaining guides or theoretical representations, point clouds provide the ability to effectively import 3D physical space into a digital format and inform/augment your existing digital models.
Check our service offering for point cloud modeling and contact us today with your detailed requirements of point cloud to BIM services for your retrofit building needs.
You can also email us at info@hi
Autodesk Revit is building information modeling software and BIM- Building Information Modeling is not a software or technology. Read this article to explore the difference between Revit and BIM.