The Google Ecommerce Tracking help you to correlate your sales data with the website usage data like traffic sources, bounce, session etc.Such type of correlational analysis required to improve the performance of your website landing pages and the marketing campaigns which you are running with google.
Facebook pixel installation is very easy if you are not a developer/code you can easily integrate it just by pasting below code on your website’s header section and get started quickly. It will start tracking your number of pageviews on a daily basis which has been redirected to your site from Facebook.
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Algolia is the fastest and most relevant search experience available for opencart eCommerce platform. Results show up immediately as the user type, with no delay, and bring the user to exactly what they’re looking for. You can prioritize results that send customers to your best selling and most popular products. Stores with Algolia extension see increased customer engagement, conversion rates, and total revenue.
It takes very less time to setup Algolia Extension that can start delivering delightful searches to your visitors/customers.
Dies ist eines der bekanntesten Lieder des bulgarischen Sängers Azis. Das Lied wurde sogar in die New York Times Magazine - "Top 25 Songs, die uns sagen, wohin die Musik geht." Andere Künstler sind Weltstars wie Rihanna, Diangelo, Coldplay, Kendrick Lamar und andere.
Es braucht nicht viele Worte für dieses Lied. Es gibt kaum jemanden, der nicht auf sie gehört hat. Es wird für immer in unseren Herzen bleiben, wie ein unbestrittener Treffer!
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